Signature Series by WaterSmart

More Than Just A Water Softener - Removes Chlorine & Improves the
Taste of Your Water

  • 30,000 grain water softener with a carbon bed mix

  • Look ahead' feature to maximize regeneration efficiency

  • Counter current (up-flow) regeneration

  • Uses less than $2.00 worth of hydro annually

  • Dry brine tank technology for increased salt savings

  • Capacitor back-up with two hour power carry over

  • Washed quartz under bedding - does not impart hardness into softened water

  • Noise cancelling silencer on the valve - reduces noise by up to 50% as compared to other softeners

  • Safety float brine valve assembly that prevents salt tank overflows

  • Carbon mixed bed for chlorine removal

  • Full one inch diameter riser tube

  • Pol-E-Wound fiberglass resin tanks to provide superior strength - does not deteriorate, rust or corrode

  • Fully programmable for changing water conditions and requirements

  • 12 volt transformer

  • Double backwash capabilities

  • Heavy duty sweat jacket

  • Warranty: 7 Year parts, 5 Year labour

  • Includes installation, by pass valve and a 20kg bag of salt


Model: WS-30-S
Signature Series by WaterSmart

If chlorine in your water is an issue, this is the model for you! If Clorine is an issue and you already
have a working softener, ask us about our Declorinator Model.