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 Drinking Water Systems Installations


installation is always free with the purchase of any WaterSmart Drinking Water System!


WaterSmart's reverse osmosis (RO) water systems provide the best purified water possible for drinking and cooking. We not only sell the best drinking water systems in the business, the DURO Reverse Osmosis system, but we will also install it at no charge.

Our factory trained technicians can expertly set up and install any drinking water system, and installation is always free when you purchase a new system from WaterSmart. If you want to make the move to a better drinking water system, contact WaterSmart today to book an appointment and have one of our drinking water system installation experts do it for you.


 Kitchener: 519-745-3170    Waterloo: 519-886-7331   Cambridge: 519-886-7331

Guelph: 519-836-2543     Stratford: 226-779-0372


WaterSmart's Professional Installation Service

 Allow the professionals at WaterSmart take the worry and hassle out of installing your drinking water system by letting them do it for you. We know drinking water systems and we can install yours quickly and easily.

The installation time will vary depending on your existing plumbing set-up and type of system to be installed. Our reverse osmosis drinking water system installation service includes the following.


WaterSmart Will:

  • Deliver your new reverse osmosis drinking water system

  • Install the new drinking water system and hook it up to any necessary plumbing

  • Replace an existing drinking water system in the same location within the home

  • Set-up and program the drinking water unit

  • Remove and haul away the old drinking water unit (as long as it isn't a rental unit)

  • Test to ensure proper operation

  • Provide a demonstration on how the unit works

  • Clean up the job site 


"I chose to go with Watersmart Systems.
Best equipment, price, warranty, and people!!"

- Kim Pickles


Can I Install My New Drinking Water System Myself?

 You can, but why not let the professionals at WaterSmart do it for you? Let us take away the worry and the hassle of doing it yourself. WaterSmart has 20 plus years of experience in Kitchener and the surrounding areas.

Our highly trained plumbers know what they are doing and can expertly handle any unforeseen challenges that might arise during the installation. And remember, installation is always free with the purchase of any WaterSmart drinking water system.


What Can Go Wrong If A Non-Professional Installs My Drinking Water System?

If you decide to install your drinking water system yourself or have a non-professional do the installation for you, you can void the store warranty. Our Reverse Osmosis Units come with a 1-year parts and 1-year labour warranty with our company.

In addition, if your unit is improperly installed, leaks can occur equivalent to leaving a tap running. Unless your system has been mounted in an unfinished basement furnace room, then a large amount of costly water damage can result from a leaking drinking water system.


Does WaterSmart Provide Preventative Maintenance Services For Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems?

Yes. WaterSmart provides the following preventative maintenance services to help keep your Reverse Osmosis drinking water system functioning at its best. All of the following services are reasonably priced at $79 for the service call plus the cost of any replacement parts.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Change

  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Change

  • Reverse Osmosis Diagnostic Check (Pressure, Tank, Faucet, Shut-off Leaks)

  • Reverse Osmosis Faucet / Tank Replacement

How often you need to do any of these maintenance tasks will depend on how much water you use. The professionals at WaterSmart can advise you on an appropriate maintenance schedule suited to your family's water usage.


Why Choose WaterSmart For Your Drinking Water System Installations

Reverse osmosis can remove dissolved solids, salts, minerals that cause hardness, organic chemicals, and other impurities in your water. It can also improve the taste of your water if do not like the taste of dissolved mineral solids.

If you would like to learn more about getting a drinking water system for your home, contact the water experts at WaterSmart. We have been serving the drinking water needs of the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, and surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

We would be happy to discuss with you whether a reverse osmosis system would be beneficial to you. If you choose to purchase one for you home one or our expert master plumbers will install it for you free of charge.



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