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Water Softener Repairs

Only trust your water softener repairs to a professional plumber. If you attempt to do the repairs yourself, you will void any warranty. The experienced technicians at WaterSmart know how to repair almost every brand of water softener.

You can trust our trained professionals to expertly repair any problems you may have with your water softener. We will quickly and efficiently fix it regardless of whether or not you have purchased it from us. Contact us today and we will have your water softener working again in no time at all.

Like any other home appliance, there may be a time when you need some water softener repairs. There are a number of problems that can occur with a water softener over time. Some of the issues you may encounter are:

Seal Kit Needs Replacing

Salt Bridges

Problems With Timers

Faulty Power Supply

Motor Issues


Resin Problems



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Seal Kit Needs Replacing

 Seal kits often need replacing especially in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, because of the amount or chlorine added to the water in this region in order to sanitize it. This is not, however, a frequent problem with the water softeners sold by WaterSmart. Unlike other water softeners, ours have Teflon composite o-rings which stand up better to the chlorine than the rubber o-rings used in inferior water softeners.


Salt Bridges

 At times the salt used in a water softener can form a crusty layer at the top of the tank, leaving a hollow space beneath. This is known as a salt bridge. If this occurs, you will think that you have a full tank of salt, when you are actually out of salt.

If you suspect that this may be the case, try tapping the outside of the water softener casing with a rubber mallet, beginning at the bottom of the tank and working your way up. If it sounds hollow then you probably have a salt bridge. Try tapping the tank again with a bit more force. This should cause the salt bridge to collapse, allowing you to add more salt. 


The highly trained and experienced technicians at Water Smart can quickly diagnose and repair any water softener on the market!


Problems With Timers

 One of the most common water softener problems occurs when the user incorrectly sets the timer on the unit. It is important to make sure that you set your water softener timer correctly. An incorrect timer will cause you to experience hard water, making you believe that your softener isn't working correctly.

 If your softener is attempting to recycle while you are running water, hard water will enter your plumbing system. This could happen after a power outage. After any outage, your softener and your other electrical appliances will have the wrong time. Make sure you check your softener's timer and reset it to the correct time after any power outage.


Faulty Power Supply

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You may also experience a problem with the power supply. If your water softener doesn't seem to be "on," check to see that it is properly connected to a working power source. If you suspect that there may be a problem, first try plugging the unit into a power source that you know is working correctly.

You may need to use an extension cord in order to reach another power outlet. If it still isn't working, then it is probably time to contact the professionals at WaterSmart.


Motor Issues

Your water softener has a motor which allows it to operate. If your motor is defective then your water softener will not be able to function effectively. If your motor is not working, check to see that it is properly plugged into a working electrical outlet and that the power cable is connected correctly.

If the motor still doesn't start, then you most likely have a bigger problem which will require having the motor repaired or replaced. The skilled technicians at WaterSmart can quickly diagnose and repair or replace any water softener motor, even if you purchased your water softener somewhere else.



 In order to function properly, a water softener requires a constant uninterrupted flow of water. There are different types of blockages that can occur which will stop the water from flowing through your unit. Blockages often occur at the filter screen or at the brine line.

You can check your manual for suggestions on how to fix these types of blockages. Each make of water softener is constructed differently and may require different procedures to remove blockages and often may require specialized repairs.

 If you are not sure how to safely clear a blockage or are concerned that the problem is beyond a simple home repair, contact us at WaterSmart as we make repairs to many different brands of water softeners, not just our own models


Resin Problems


 Resin beads are considered the most effective method for improving the quality of your water. Even though they are durable and tend to last a long time, they can, however, break down over time.

If you notice resin particles floating in your softened water, you should check the state of your resin beads. If they have begun to break down, the resin bed will need to be cleaned and the resin beads replaced. 


When an appliance is connected to any water source, there is always the potential for leaks. A water softener may over time develop a leak as well. If you notice a leak, contact us at WaterSmart. Our fully insured, licensed plumbers can quickly find the source of the leak and will be able to repair it for you.


Preventative Maintenance Services

In addition to repairing any water softener, WaterSmart also offers several preventative maintenance services at a reasonable rate. The following is a list of our services and corresponding rates:

  • Water Softener Diagnostic Check (Valve, Seals, Updating, Settings, Wireless Remote Sync, Test)

  • Water Softener Clean Out (Clean Venturi, Clean Salt Tank, Salt Bridge Removal, Sanitize)

  • Ultra Violet Light Replacement

  • Big Blue Filter Replacement

  • Resin Bed Clean-Out (Clean Resin Bed of Built Up Contaminants And Iron / Magnesium). Regular Tune – Ups and Replacement of Parts: Resin does not normally get cleaned out. Resin will usually be changed for new resin).


Work With WaterSmart!


With decades of experience in the installation and repair of most makes and models of water softeners, WaterSmart is your "go-to" team when your softener isn't functioning to its full potential.

We carry extra stock of all the components for our units as well as many parts for other units. WaterSmart can usually fix any other product on the market.

We know water softeners and we are the most trusted professionals in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Contact us today for any problems you are experiencing with your water softener.

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