Econo Series by WaterSmart

The Economical Solution for Water Treatment in Your Home

  • 30,000 grain water softener

  • Regenerates on demand - based on water usage

  • Solid state programmable computer

  • Fully adjustable regeneration cycle times

  • Capacitor back-up with two hour power carry over

  • 12 volt transformer

  • Full one inch diameter riser tube

  • Pol-E-Wound fiberglass resin tanks to provide superior strength - does not deteriorate, rust or corrode

  • Stylish twin tank system in matching black colours

  • Warranty: 5 Year parts, 1 Year labour

  • Includes installation, by pass valve and a 20kg bag of salt

Econo2.0 (1).png

Model: WS-41
Econo Series by WaterSmart

You Can Install It, Or We Can Do It For You!