TAHOE Series Water Softener 

A Rugged Design With
Functionality In Mind!

  • 30,000 or 45,000 grain system

  • Uses less than $2 worth of hydro annually

  • Backlit board which allows for easier visibility in dark spaces. 

  • Colour changes when in normal operation/cycles & fault modes

  • Proportional brine feature- reduced salt usage

  • Tahoe settings are saved in memory as long as the battery lasts

  • ‘Look ahead’ feature to maximize regeneration efficiency

  • Compact space saver design – same size or smaller than most cabinet designs

  • Dry brine technology for salt savings

  • Counter current (up-flow) regeneration

  • Noise cancelling silencer on the valve – reduces noise by up to 50%

  • Safety float brine valve that prevents salt tank overflows

  • Fully programmable regeneration times

  • Condensation prevention sweat jacket

  • Stylish twin black tanks

  • Optional ozone generator + brine recovery system

  • Warranty: 7 Year parts, 5 Year labour

  • Optional bypass valve included