Water Softener System Full Of Water: What To Check

Find out what's causing your water softener system to fill up and water and stop working like it should. Get your water softener repaired today.


Should Your Water Softener System's Brine Tank Be Full of Water?

The answer is no. If your water softener system's brine tank is full of water, then it won't be able to draw the solution out of the brine tank during the regeneration cycle. This will cause your water to be hard. Once your brine tank is full of water, the safety float will be engaged.


Indicators that Your Water Softener System Is Full of Water

There are a few key signs that will let you know that your water softener system is too full of water. These include:

  • Your softener isn't regenerating properly and your water is hard

  • Your water tastes like salt

  • You see brine appearing in the water lines

  • Your faucets and toilets begin to clog

  • Your water flow begins to get weaker


Empty Brine Tank: put your softener salt inside your brine tank - your tank should not be full of water
Image Source: Aquatell


Check Your Drain Line

During regeneration, the brine solution is sucked out of the brine tank. If your drain line is blocked, frozen, or has a kink in it, then it cannot be drained away and will build up in the tank.


Check Your Safety Float

Your water softener system will have a device known as a safety float. It is located inside your brine tank inside the plastic cylinder that marks the salt level in your tank.

This mechanism is designed to shut off the water flow into the brine tank if too much water is being added. The safety float will ensure that your water softener doesn't cause a flood.

If the safety float isn't functioning properly, it will fail to shut off the water flow when it should, causing your tank to fill up with water.

safety-float diagram.png

Your safety float is designed to shut off the water flow into the brine tank if too much water is being added

If your safety float is sticking, you can try the following:

  • Carefully remove the float by removing the lid on the cylinder inside your tank and lifting the float out. Run it under some hot water for a few minutes to remove any clogs or debris.

  • While it is being run under the water, gently move the float up and down to make sure that it is moving freely.

  • Check to see if the small ball in the bottom of the float is able to move freely as well.

Note: Only attempt to remove and clean your safety float when your water softener is not in a regeneration mode.


Check Your Float Levels

Another cause of water filling up your brine tank is if your float valve has been set too high. If this is the case, excess water could build up over time because your system may not be able to get rid of all of the water after each discharge cycle.


Remove your safety float and run it under hot water to clean away any clogs or debris


Check the Valves

An entry valve on your water softener, usually located at the back of your unit, controls the water coming into your system.

If the valve gets damaged, clogged, or broken, it may not be able to stop water from getting in and filling up your brine tank.

If the valve is simply clogged, you can try removing and cleaning it. If it is damaged or broken, you will need to call a professional for a replacement part.


Check the Age of Your Softener - It May Need To Be Replaced

The age of your water softener system could be another reason why it is filling up with water. Your water softener, just like other appliances, can only last for so long.

Eventually, the various components will start to wear. This typically occurs after about 10 to 15 years. Some water softeners may last longer, especially if they have been well maintained. If your water softener is getting older, it may need to be replaced.


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