Inspection Camera for Sewers: Kitchener-Waterloo Pipe Inspection

Discover why you may need to get a professional to use an inspection camera to take a look at your sewer line. Get it checked out now.

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What Is An Inspection Camera?

An inspection camera is a special waterproof camera that is connected to a very long and flexible wire. It is designed to go through your pipes and sewer lateral, similar to a plumbing snake.


An inspection camera can take images of what is inside your sewer lateral - Image Source:


A sewer lateral, or side sewer as it is sometimes called, is an underground pipe that connects your home's sewer system to the main public line. Most local governments consider the sewer lateral that goes to your property line to be the homeowner's responsibility to maintain and repair if there is a problem.

As the camera passes through this system, it sends accurate pictures to a video screen of what is inside your pipes and give you a clear picture of their condition.


A sewer lateral is a pipe that connects your home’s sewer system to the city’s system - Image Source: Keene, E. S. (Edward Spencer), b. 1864 [No restrictions]


What Does an Inspection Camera Do?

A professional plumber can use an inspection camera to evaluate the overall condition of your pipes and sewer lateral.

With the assistance of an inspection camera, your plumber can digitally record a visual inspection of your pipes and system to help determine the longevity of your pipes and if there are any potential problems, such as tree root obstructions, clogs, or damage to your pipes.

Early detection of a problem can save you money on repairs that may become much more costly if you allow the problem to go unchecked.


An inspection camera can accurately pinpoint where a blockage or damaged pipe is


If your sewer pipes are backing up, it can be difficult to locate the source of the problem. The inspection camera can precisely pinpoint where the blockage or leaky pipe is.

This will help speed up any repairs that are necessary. Knowing exactly where the sewer lateral problem is means that you will know exactly where to dig to make the repair. This means less disruption and a more cost-effective repair.


Possible Sewer Problems

Tree Roots Can Clog Your Sewer Lateral

If your home is more than 20 years old, you may encounter a problem with tree roots growing into and clogging your sewer laterals.

Tree roots sometimes grow down and push through the side of your sewer lateral through tiny openings. They then grow inside your sewer line and attach to other debris. This can cause your sewer to backup.


Tree roots can grow down into your sewer pipes and damage them


Foreign Substances Can Clog Your Sewer Lateral

You can also get clogs in your sewer lateral from foreign objects that have gone into your system. These could include fats, oils, and grease from cooking going down your drain or disposable diapers or wipes being flushed down your toilet.


Your Lateral Sewer Pipe Can Get Damaged Over Time

Sometimes your lateral sewer pipe can get damaged with time. It can either get cracked or it can corrode. From the 1860s to the 1970s, sewer laterals were often made from pitch fiber or tar paper. These types of pipes will disintegrate and collapse over time.


Sewer pipes can get clogged or damaged over time


Types of Problems That Damaged Pipes Can Cause

There are three main types of problems that damaged sewer pipes can cause. These include:

Inflow: Inflow occurs when rain water directly enters into the pipe system

Infiltration: Infiltration happens when groundwater enter the system.

Exfiltration: Exfiltration is when wastewater gets out of your pipe system and enter into the surrounding ground. This is the least likely scenario as your sewer pipes would need to be above the groundwater for this to happen.

If you have heavy rains, then inflow and infiltration will cause an excess of water to get into the sewer system.

Sewer systems are designed to carry your home's wastewater to the sewage treatment facility. They aren't large enough to hold a lot of excess rain and groundwater.

Too much extra water in the system will cause your sewer to either back up into your home or go forward to the sewage treatment plant and overwhelm the system. If this happens, you could have a flooded basement in your home.


Heavy rains can cause damaged sewers to overflow and possibly back up, flooding your basement


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