Top Water Softener Statistics for 2019


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Top Water Softener Statistics for 2019


To begin, here's a look at some water softener FAQ's to get you familiar with what we're talking about.



Water softener statistics 


1. Canada's average water is hard


The average level of water hardness in Canada 10.5 grains per gallon, which straddles the line between hard and very hard.

  • Soft: 0-1 grains per gallon
  • Slightly hard: 1-3.5 gpg
  • Moderately hard: 3.5-7 gpg
  • Hard: 7-10.5 gpg
  • Very hard: 10.5 gpg and over


2. Kitchener has some of the hardest water in Canada


Kitchener has a water hardness level of 17-36 grains per gallon - depending on what neighbourhood you live in. That's two to three times the national average!


3. Water softeners reduces chore time!


Studies indicate people in the UK spend up to an average of 10-14 days a year cleaning their bathroom each year as a result of scrubbing lime-scale stains caused by hard water from the toilet, sink, and bath. Think what you could do with all that extra time, just by having a water softener!


4. Hard water leads to increased energy bills


In water heaters, lime scale creates an insulating layer which hinders the transfer of heat to the water. According to Carbon Trust, a 1mm layer of lime scale causes a 7% increase in energy input to a boiler. Meanwhile, every 1.6mm of lime scale in a heating system causes a 12% loss in heating efficiency. A water softener therefore will help reduce your energy bills.


5. Spend less on soap and cleaning supplies


Without the need for lime-scale removing products, you will be able to spend a lot less on cleaning products generally. 50 percent less, in fact. Soaps and shampoos don’t lather as well in hard water, so you can also end up using a lot less product with soft water. Additionally, with a water softener you will find your laundry detergent goes much further than before, further enabling savings on your energy bill. For more, here's "5 Signs of Hard Water Damage on Hair."


6. Water softeners lead to fewer water leaks


Water leakage can occur when lime scale starts to build up around the valves of your faucets, dishwasher or washing machine. Water leakage can obviously result in a number of negative effects and repair costs. A water softener will reduce that risk dramatically.

7. Low operating costs


The purchase of salt for regeneration is the main operating cost of a water softener. Salt is sold in large bags and can be obtained from one of our WaterSmart locations, a supermarket or local hardware store.  Delivery is also available from Riepert Salt. Here's how to add to salt to your Kenmore water softener.


In sum, the main reasons you may want to purchase a water softener are:

  • to lower energy consumption by reducing scale build-up in water heaters
  • to reduce the amount of soap needed to create a lather
  • to maintain plumbing fixture appearance and function
  • to enjoy the feel of softened water when washing



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Installing a water softener will remove the minerals found in your hard water supply and thereby make your water soft. To find out how a water softener removes these minerals, click here

There are many different types of water softeners on the market. It is important to purchase a water softener that can handle the amount of hardness in your water, keeping up with the amount of water that your family uses. Visit this page to determine the size of water softener that you require.

The professionals at WaterSmart can help you calculate your exact water hardness level and corresponding softening needs to determine the appropriate softener for you. We will then install and program your softener so that it operates with the highest efficiency.


We will also teach you how to operate and maintain it. Contact the water softener experts at WaterSmart today, and we will gladly answer all of your water-related questions.