Water Softener Regeneration Cycles: Prepare For Spring

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Water softener regeneration is an important process. In this article, you will learn more about this cycle, and why/when it happens. The experts at WaterSmart Systems & Plumbing have been installing, maintaining, and repairing water softeners for 25 years, and are here to help if you have any questions about water softener regeneration. To make sure your unit is fit for spring, or if you're in need of a brand new softener, contact WaterSmart today - we have smart solutions for today's water.


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Water Softener Regeneration Cycles

How to prepare for Spring

 First, check your water softener to make sure it's on and running smoothly in the event of any power outages through the winter months. If you experience an extended power outage (over an hour in length), you may need to reset the time of day on the control valve. Most internal batteries are designed to retain the time of day for up to 24 hours.

Each spring, Ontario residents set their clocks ahead for daylight savings time. You need to make sure your water softener's internal clock will adjust accordingly, and that your clock's pm and am setting is correct to make sure the regeneration cycle occurs at an optimal time of day when water usage is low.


Make sure your water softener's internal clock will adjust for daylight savings.


When does water softener regeneration occur?

 There are different makes and models, but water softeners can typically be set up for automatic regeneration. This is also known as “time-initiated regeneration.”

 There should be a clock on the control valve that is typically set to have the system regenerate after a certain number of days and at a time of day with low water usage (default setting is often 2 am). This process will repeat itself at least once a week at a minimum.

When working with WaterSmart, upon installation a WaterSmart professional will determine the valve’s settings based on the quality of your water, the size of your resin tank, household water usage, number of people living there. 

If there is a demand for water while the system is regenerating, untreated water is available through an automatic internal bypass feature.


WaterSmart can help make sure your water softener regeneration cycle is optimized.


Here's how the water softener regeneration process works:

  1. A strong salt-water (brine) solution is created with the salt added to the softener.

  2. The brine solution flows through the resin tank, rinsing the beads and exchanging new sodium for the hard water minerals that have collected.

  3. The brine solution and hard water minerals are flushed from the tank into a nearby drain.

  4. The resin beads are renewed and ready to collect hard water minerals again.

This handy video will help give you even more understanding.


What is water softener regeneration, anyways?

 To understand this process and why it's important to prepare for spring, you need to know how your water softener works.

 First, hard water enters your home from the main water pipe or well, and travels to the water softener. Next, resin beads in the tank attract and hold onto hard water minerals, removing them from the water. Finally, softened water exits the tank and flows to the plumbing throughout your home.

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Resin beads in the water softener tank attract and hold onto hard water minerals, removing them from your water.

Occasionally, the resin beads need to be rinsed free of the minerals and “recharged” so they can continue attracting and collecting hard water minerals. This is the water softener regeneration cycle, and it’s why you need to add salt to water softeners.

WaterSmart has a variety of softeners to choose from.


 Water Softener Regeneration Cycles: Let WaterSmart Prepare Your Water Softener for Spring

Scheduling general maintenance on your water softener is never a bad idea, and WaterSmart is here to help.

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