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New Water Softeners Waterloo

 Continue reading to learn about the unique challenges the water in Waterloo presents to home owners, the most effective types of water softeners for Waterloo, how to find good companies to buy from, and where to buy good water softeners for Waterloo.


Water Softener Repairs

 We have been in operation for over 20 years in the city and have seen just about everything when it comes to water softener repairs. If you have a problem, we can fix it, whether it be a motor issue, salt bridge, resin issues, blockages, leaks or some other less common problem. 

 If you have a problem that needs fixing give us a call today, to book a free estimate to have it repaired. If you are looking to replace your water softener or need to purchase one for a new home, keep reading below. 


Most Effective Types Of Water Softeners For Waterloo Water

 The most effective water softeners for the city of Waterloo are any that have been designed and programmed specifically for the water in our area.

Other systems that are designed for water in a different city just can't match the performance of one that has been designed specifically for our city. WaterSmart's water softeners have been designed and custom programmed for the water of the city of Waterloo.

We only operate in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford and the surrounding areas. As a result, this allows us to focus on and be experts within the cities we operate. Our water softeners have a very long lifespan. 

 Here are our four models that have been designed specifically for the city of Waterloo:


"Absolutely wonderful! After getting many quotes, checking quality of units, warranty and businesses through the BBB, I chose to go with WaterSmart Systems. Best equipment, price, warranty and people!!"

- Kim Pickles
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Water Challenges Unique To Waterloo

 Hard water can present a number of problems in your home. Some of those problems include:

  • Difficulties getting dishes or laundry clean

  • Damage to your clothing causing them to wear out faster

  • Damage to your washing machine

  • Damage to your dishwasher

  • Calcium buildup in your shower

  • Sink stains

  • Toilet bowl stains

  • Plumbing pipe damage

Waterloo has a unique water challenge as it has some of the hardest water in all of Canada. Waterloo has a water hardness level of 17-38 grains per gallon in most of the city, versus the national average in Canada of 10.5 grains per gallon. That is 2 to 3 times the level water hardness than the average! 

Close to uptown Waterloo has the hardest water where it is usually 32-38 grain per gallon and the west side of the city has the next hardest water at 24-32 grains per gallon.

To see exactly how hard the water is in your neighbourhood click here. Getting the right water softener that can handle the water hardness levels of your water is important to fully eliminate the problems the water in Waterloo can cause. To see how hard the water is in your area of the city, click here


How To Find Good Companies

1. Ask Friends & Family

The best place to start is to always ask friends and family if they know of anyone or have purchased from a company that did a really good job. If you ask a few family and friends you should be able to get a list of a few companies worth exploring. 

2. Search In Google For More Local Companies

Take a look at the websites of the list of companies you have gathered from friends and family and review a few other websites of local companies you find online. Compare the websites of all of the companies and create a list of 3 or 4 you may be interested in buying from. 

3. Visit The Top Few Stores

Go to the physical store of a few of the companies on your list to see what their company looks like, how they treat you as a potential customer and how impressed you are with their products and knowledge. Ask lots of questions and see which one you feel the most comfortable with. 

4. Ask For & Call References 

When visiting the stores, ask each one for 3 references that you can call to ask about their work. If they are unable to provide any references you can call then this will allow you to quickly remove that company from the list you are interested in buying from. Whichever company looks the most promising phone one or two of the references just to confirm they are the company you want to purchase from. 


Where To Buy

 There are a few companies in the city of Waterloo that sell water softeners. Usually, the best thing to do is go visit their physical location to determine if the water softeners they sell are built for the hard water in our city.

Our one recommendation would be to be very skeptical of online retailers as their products may not be designed or calibrated to properly deal with the hard water challenges that are unique to Waterloo.

If you purchase a product online you may end up creating a lot of headaches for yourself, with no local service technician to get your water softener working properly. If you decide you would like to visit our store as one of the options you want to visit, below is a map to allow you to easily find our store.

We have been operating in the city of Waterloo for over 20 years. We also provide very fast delivery and installation of our systems. 


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