Kitchener Water Hardness Issues and Solutions

In this post, we will look at a very relevant topic for our city: Kitchener water hardness issues and solutions. Kitchener is a beautiful place to live, but it does have some unique water hardness challenges. Don't worry, however, these issues can be overcome! Read on to find out more about Kitchener's water hardness issues and discover some helpful solutions. If you are concerned about the hardness of your water and would like to do something about it, contact the knowledgeable and helpful staff at WaterSmart today.



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"My wife and I recently purchased a home that did not have a water softener since the house was built.  One company advised us to use the plumbing stack for drainage because of the location of the main water pipe, this was understandable. However, Watersmart advised us with a better alternative. Since they were licensed plumbers, they were able to find a location to cut some water pipes, and install the water softener near our laundry drain.  They are very skilled professionals, and have great customer service. We also bought a reverse osmosis from them. They gave us detailed instructions on how to operate the softener and reverse osmosis. I would recommend these guys. Thank you Watersmart."
- William
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Kitchener Water Hardness Issues and Solutions

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Kitchener Water Hardness Issues and Solutions


As you read on, you will discover what it means that Kitchener's water is hard, how hard it actually is compared to the rest of Canada, why hard water is a problem, and what can be done to solve this problem.


What Does It Mean That Kitchener Has Hard Water?


This means that the water in Kitchener contains large amounts of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 80% of Kitchener's water is groundwater.  The groundwater in Kitchener is hard, meaning that it has naturally occurring dissolved calcium and magnesium. You can learn more about water hardness by clicking here. Water hardness is measured in milligrams per litre, which can also be called parts per million or ppm. Another very common way to refer to your water hardness is in grains per U.S. gallon (gpg).



How Hard Is Kitchener's Water?


Kitchener has some of the hardest water in all of Canada. The city ranges between 17 and 36 grains per gallon (gpg) or 291 and 615 parts per million (ppm). The water hardness average across Canada is only 10.5 gpg. That means that Kitchener's water is about 2 to 3 times harder than the Canadian average! To put that into perspective, look at the following chart which shows the water hardness level of various cities across Canada.




What Is The Water Hardness Level Where I Live


There is quite a large range of water hardness in different areas of Kitchener. The hardest water in Kitchener is found in the area located north of the Conestoga Parkway between Lakeside Drive and Charles Street, south of Victoria Street, and also the Hidden Valley area by Wabanaki and River Birch Street. To find out the exact level of hardness for your area click here.


Why Is Hard Water An Issue?


Kitchener Water Hardness Issues and Solutions


Even though there are no apparent health risks to drinking hard water, some people find the taste unpleasant. Even though it is safe to drink, having hard water can cause a number of issues in your home. Some of these problems are:

  • Damage to your dishwasher, washing machine, and hot water heater due to mineral build-up
  • Calcium build-up in your shower
  • Sink and toilet bowl stains
  • Damage to your plumbing pipes
  • Difficulties getting your dishes and laundry clean
  • Damage to your clothing causing it to wear out faster


Kitchener Water Hardness Solutions


Installing a water softener will remove the minerals and make your water soft. To find out how a water softener removes these minerals, click here.  There are many different types of water softeners on the market. It is important to purchase a water softener that can handle the amount of hardness in your water, keeping up with the amount of water that your family uses. To determine the size of water softener that you require, click here.


Where Should I Buy A Water Softener?


Plumber Series


Econo II Series


Premier Series


Signature Series



Because of the unique and challenging water hardness issues found in the city of Kitchener, it is a good idea to purchase a water softener from a company that is familiar with the Kitchener area. WaterSmart is a locally owned and operated Kitchener business. For over 25 years, we have been helping the residents of Kitchener solve their hard water issues.


The professionals at WaterSmart can help you calculate your exact water hardness level and corresponding softening needs to determine the appropriate softener for you. We will then install and program your softener so that it operates with the highest efficiency. We will also teach you how to operate and maintain it. Contact the water softener experts at WaterSmart today, and we will gladly answer all of your water-related questions.