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Whole home dechlorination is the process of removing chlorine from the water supply before it reaches your faucets. WaterSmart Systems & Plumbing offers an effective system that can be installed by one of our expert technicians. Contact us today.


How to get started with a whole Home dechlorination system

At WaterSmart, we recommend investing in an effective whole home dechlorination system that can be used with any water softener. The features of our system include:

  • Non-electric

  • No backwashing required

  • Simple, reliable, and economical operation

  • Reduces skin irritation caused by chlorine in water

  • Highest grade carbon media for containment removal and long life

  • All components NSF certified

  • Can be added to any water softener used on its own

  • Pol-E-Wound fibreglass resin tank to provide superior strength - does not deteriorate, rust, or corrode.

Looking for other options? One popular way to remove chlorine from drinking water is by filtering your water through a pitcher.

There are many to choose from, and most are quite effective at minimizing chlorine levels. You could also add a water filtration attachment to your faucet.

Remember, it is important to replace your filters once every few months, or as indicated by the manufacturer, to maintain efficacy.


How Does Chlorine get into my water to begin with?

For years, chlorine has been added to municipal drinking water supplies.


According to the Government of Canada, “Chlorine is a disinfectant added to drinking water to reduce or eliminate microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, which can be present in water supplies. The addition of chlorine to our drinking water has greatly reduced the risk of waterborne diseases.”

Chlorinated water, however, can also have a very specific, sometimes unpleasant smell that turns many off from drinking it. Additionally, some are bothered by the taste of chlorinated water.

Fortunately, if you’re concerned about the chlorine in your drinking water, you do have options.


Interested in a Whole Home Dechlorination System? Trust WaterSmart!

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