Water Softener For Washing Machine - Is It A Good Idea? 

Have you ever wondered if it is a good idea or not to use a water softener for a washing machine. In this post, we will discuss whether you should install a water softener to use in conjunction with your washing machine, how hard water affects your washing Water Softener for Washing Machinemachine, and how to choose and install the correct softener for your needs. If you are looking to purchase a water softener, contact the experts at Water Smart.


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Do I Need A Water Softener For My Washing Machine In Kitchener?


According to a report done in 2011, the city of Kitchener was found to have some of the hardest water in Canada. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallon. The national average in Canada is 10.5 grains per gallon whereas Kitchener's level was tested at 20-32 grains per gallon. That is more than twice the national level. Hard water can cause the following problems when doing laundry:

  • Damage to your washing machine
  • Difficulties in getting your laundry clean
  • Increased costs for detergents

Because of the high mineral content in the water, Kitchener residents are more likely to experience these issues than anywhere else in Canada. Therefore installing a water softener is more necessary here than in other areas which enjoy softer water.


Benefits Of Washing Clothes in Soft Water?


1.  Protects Your Machine

Hard water is water that has excessively high amounts of calcium and magnesium. As this water runs through your washing machine and pipes it can leave deposits of calcium and magnesium behind. It can also leave an unsightly scale on your washing machine drum. Over time these mineral deposits build up and can eventually damage your machine and pipes. Using a water softener will help your washing machine to last longer.


2.  It Protects Your Clothing


Believe it or not, hard water can actually damage your clothing, causing items to wear out more quickly. It can also cause darker colours to fade and may leave a nasty soap scum or mineral residue. People with sensitive skin will notice that towels and flannel shirts which should feel soft and fluffy now feel scratching and irritating to wear. Soft water will help your clothes to last longer and will make them look cleaner.


3.  It Will Save You Money


In addition, you will also require more laundry detergent if you have hard water in order to get your clothes clean. You may end up using as much as 1/3 more detergent. Over time that adds up to a significant amount of money. Soft water requires less detergent and will therefore save you money.


Which Water Softener Should You Choose?


With so many different styles of water softeners on the market, it may be daunting deciding which one is the best choice for you. How can you decide which one would be the best one? Don't guess; ask a professional. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Water Smart can guide you through the process. They are ready to answer any of your questions and will put your mind at ease that you have made the right choice.


"We purchased a new water softener from Watersmart Systems several months ago and were very pleased with the excellent service we received, from ordering to fast efficient fitting (we had a blockage in the laundry room grate - not only did the guys unblock it, they also cleaned everything up)! Very courteous and respectful, we would not hesitate recommending Watersmart Systems."

-Jane Bell


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How To Hook Up A Water Softener


The installation of a water softener will vary greatly depending on the type of unit youWater Softener for Washing Machine purchase, the kind of pipes you have, the layout of your home, and the location of the water softener. If you have some do-it-yourself experience and are comfortable with cutting through pipes you may feel you are capable of completing the task yourself.

However, installing a water softener is not as simple as making a correct connection to the hot and cold taps. If you are unsure about what you are doing, talk to the professionals at Water Smart Systems and Plumbing. We can take the worry out of any plumbing installation.



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