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Struggling with blocked or slow drains? A sewer camera can find the source of the problem quickly and effectively. Contact WaterSmart to book a sewer camera service today and get it fixed now.


What Is a Sewer Camera?

A sewer or drain camera is a specially designed waterproof camera that is attached to a long wire. It looks a lot like a plumbing snake and can be easily navigated and directed inside and through all of your pipes.


A sewer camera can be threaded through your pipes to locate the source of problems - Source: Amazon


How a Sewer Camera Works

These professional cameras are able to give a very accurate and clear picture of inside your pipes, and they can pinpoint the exact location of any problems.


As the camera passes through your pipes, a video image is transmitted onto a screen that you and your plumbing technician can view. The images allow your plumber to accurately assess the issue and offer you the right solution to fix the problem.


The sewer camera will transmit an image of the inside of your pipes or sewer onto a video screen


Major Benefits of Opting for Sewer Camera Services

Faster Resolutions: A sewer camera can provide you with a faster resolution for your plumbing problems. It can find the source or origin of the problem much faster than traditional "educated guessing" methods.


Fix a Problem Early Before It Gets Bigger: It's important to know what is going on with your sewer lines. As a homeowner, you are usually responsible for both your sewer and private drains that carry storm water and/or sewage to your city's main sewer and drain line. A sewer camera can help you discover a problem before it gets bigger and more costly.


Less Mess and Disruption to Your Home: Because a sewer camera can give the exact location of a problem, your master plumber will know exactly where to open up your wall to fix your problem. Only the smallest section of your wall needs to be disturbed because your plumber will have the precise location that needs to be accessed.


Less Mess and Disruption to Your Yard: If the problem is a tree root that has infiltrated your pipes and caused a leak, damage, or your pipes have backed-up, then a sewer camera will let your professional plumbing service know exactly where they need to dig to fix the problem. This results in a smaller hole with less mess and no guesswork!

fix pipes.jpg

A sewer camera will give the exact location of the problem, leading to faster and less messy resolutions


Types of Problems a Sewer Camera Can Detect

A sewer camera can effectively locate the source of your plumbing issue. It can accurately and quickly detect a number of plumbing problems such as:


A sewer camera can find where the cause of your slow drains is located


WaterSmart's Experience Identifying Plumbing Issues

WaterSmart has a dedicated team of Master Plumbers with over 25 years in the plumbing business in the Kitchener area.

We can offer you a comprehensive drain camera inspection service. With this highly effective service, we can get down to finding out what is causing your plumbing problem.


Our high-quality, professional-grade sewer camera can save you time and money in getting your plumbing fixed. Contact us today to book an appointment.


WaterSmart Can Assist You with All of Your Plumbing Needs

Not only does WaterSmart offer an effective sewer camera service, but we are also a full service plumbing company. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Kitchens/Bathrooms: new plumbing and renovations

  • Toilet & Taps: installations and repairs

  • Clogged or Slow Moving Drains: leaks and repairs

  • Countertops: pre and post installations

  • Dishwashers: installations

  • Tankless Hot Water Heater & Sump Pump: repairs and installations

  • Backflow Devices: testing and installation


Why Choose WaterSmart?

WaterSmart not only has highly trained and experienced plumbing experts on staff, but we also take pride in our customer-first approach.


We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with all of our services and that we have exceeded your expectations. Our customer care is one of the reasons we have stayed in business and are now celebrating our 25th anniversary in business!


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Here's what WaterSmart customers are saying:

"Excellent customer care! From the initial phone call to the installation - the entire experience was helpful and focused on customer satisfaction."

- Eric Gillespie
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