Kenmore Water Softener Repair Near Me

Today we are going to tell you what you should do if you require Kenmore water softener repair in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and surrounding areas.

At WaterSmart, we have over 25 years experience in the water softener industry and we service Kenmore water softeners.

We will take closer look at the possible problems your Kenmore water softener may be having, and show you how WaterSmart can help you. So, let's get started.


If you need a Kenmore Water Softener Repair in the KW region, contact WaterSmart


Kenmore Water Softener Repair Services

If you require Kenmore water softener repair services, contact WaterSmart. WaterSmart has the expertise and training to service any problem or issue that you are having with your Kenmore water softener.

We have been successfully repairing and servicing every type of water softener for over 25 years and we would be glad to help you with yours.

If you’ve noticed an issue with your water softener, some of the common problems Kenmore water softener issues that we can help you with include:


You Are Getting Excess Water in Your Salt Tank

There are a number of reasons why you may be getting excess water in your salt tank. A trained professional can help you diagnose this problem and repair it for you.

For a detailed list of reasons and possible solutions, check out our post, "Water softener full of water - Complete Step By Step Guide Of What To Do."


Your Water Is No Longer Soft

There are many reasons why your water is no longer soft. It could be as simple as the amount of salt you have in your tank.

When it comes to salt, you may have too much or not enough. If you aren't sure how much your tank should have, ask the friendly staff at WaterSmart. We'd be glad to help you.

If your salt levels are fine, then your problem may be something bigger. It could be anything from a leak around a rubber part that has become worn or damaged or an O-ring that has slipped off.

The experts at WaterSmart can help you diagnose and fix this problem for you.


If your O-ring is damaged, it will need to be replaced


Your Water Softener Tank Is Leaking

There are several reasons why your Kenmore water softener tank may be leaking. Here are a few of the most common reasons:


Loose connection: You may be able to figure out where the leak in your tank is coming from by taking a closer look at the unit. A leak at the connection where the water enters into your tank means you may just need to tighten the connection.


Rotor Valve: Other more probable causes of a leak are either the rotor valve seals are damaged and need to be replaced, or the rotor valve motor is broken and you will need a new one.

If you are confident with home repairs, you could try this repair yourself using the steps in the following video. If you would like to have a professional do this for you, contact WaterSmart.


Bypass Valve Is Leaking: There are O-rings inside your bypass valve that stop your bypass valve from leaking.

Over time, they can get damaged and need to be replaced, or they may simply need some silicone-based lubricant. If you would like a professional to help you with this problem, contact WaterSmart.


You Are Getting Salt Bridges Forming in Your Tank

Salt bridges can form inside your brine tank and prevent your water softener from working properly.

You can break up the crust of a salt bridge by using a broom handle or other long-handled tool. You then can scoop out the loose salt pellets and gently scrape the remaining salt off the sides of your tank.

If you would like assistance removing a salt bridge in your Kenmore water softener, contact WaterSmart; we'd love to help you.


You can try to remove a salt bridge yourself or have a professional do it for you


There Is No Power for Your Softener

If you have no power coming to your water softener, check to make sure that it is fully plugged into its power outlet, and then make sure that a breaker hasn't gone.

If both of these seem fine, then you may have an issue with your power supply. It might need to be repaired or replaced. This is best done by a trained professional.


You Are Experiencing Problems with the Timer

If your timer is not functioning properly then your water softener won't be working properly. The experts at WaterSmart can help you diagnose this problem and fix or replace it for you.


Your Motor is Broken

If your Kenmore water softener is not functioning properly, it may be a problem with the softener's motor. It could need to be repaired or replaced. Contact WaterSmart today to assist you with this issue.


If your motor is broken, you will need to have it replaced - Source: Sears Parts Direct


How to Contact WaterSmart for a Kenmore Water Softener Repair

It is very easy to contact WaterSmart to help you with any Kenmore water softener repair service that you require. You can either:

Call us at:

Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge: 519-886-7331

Guelph: 519-836-2543

Stratford: 226-779-0372


Email us at:


Fill out the contact form on our website


You Can Expect a Fast Response Time

Within 24 hours, we will book a convenient time for one of our highly trained technicians to come and assess your problem and resolve it for you as soon as possible. We offer as fast as same day service!


WaterSmart Will Provide You with Great Service

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Our customers always come first at WaterSmart!


At WaterSmart, our customers come first. We strive to always provide you with the best customer service possible, and when we come to your home we will treat it with respect and the utmost care.

You will get the warm, friendly, fast, and efficient services that you deserve when you choose to work with us. You can be confident that you are choosing the best when you select a company that has been in the water business for over 25 years!


WaterSmart's Service Areas

WaterSmart is your water expert proudly servicing Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, Woodstock, Stratford, Listowel, Fergus, Brantford, and surrounding areas.


Lowest Prices and the Fastest Service

WaterSmart is happy to provide you with the fastest most reliable Kenmore water softener repair services at the most competitive prices.

You will find our services to be of the highest quality and at the most affordable rates in the area. Contact us to set up an appointment.


Looking for Kenmore Water Softener Repairs and Service? Contact WaterSmart

Unfortunately, your Kenmore water softener can no longer be serviced or returned in stores as Sears has closed down. If you own a Kenmore water softener and need repairs or service you can trust, contact WaterSmart today.

WaterSmart has been servicing all brands of water softeners, including Kenmore, for more than 25 years. We are your local water softener and plumbing experts in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. If you need Kenmore water softener repair service, contact us today.


WaterSmart Is Celebrating 25 Year in Business

WaterSmart is proudly celebrating 25 year of professional service and we would love to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you. If you are looking for a new water softener, or you require servicing for your existing unit, contact us today!


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Here's what WaterSmart customers are saying:

"What a great experience!! I did a search on the internet, called regarding the price of a water softener and the next day it was installed and we had soft water again. Paul removed the old softener, installed and setup the new one and was out in just over an hour. He also noted that the grounding of water pipe was not done by previous installer and he corrected that as well. Cost was the same as softener that was installed 14 years ago - I am impressed.”

- Larry Roes

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